Mission as a Ship Manager

Shipowners trust a ship management company to manage their ship operation business, performing the most basic functions of crewing, maintenance, supply and compliance with statutory matters.

Nowadays, it became a trend that this arrangement of operation has been doing by most of the Ship Owners.

Owner and Charterer’s exchange of ideas with regards to the transportation of cargoes has resulted efficient delivery to the consignee. Resolving the trouble that occurs on the ship operation and even on the scheduled/ non-scheduled repairs are more advantageous on both parties.

Ship Maintenance Control

Technical team carry out maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance plan related to ship machinery and equipments.We strive to maintain operational safety and reduce costs by finding potential hazards and malfunctions at an early stage.

Since our daily work is to discuss about a various of solutions with the crew members, shipyard, marine equipment manufacturer, etc. based on exchange of opinions with the shipowner, we are required to have a lot of knowledge and skills such as technical capabilities for hull structures, paint, material, machinery and electrical and also understanding International convention safety regulations and charter party. In addition, it is important for us to communicate with the charterers, shipyards and manufacturers and make a quick decision in order to minimize the damages in case of emergency.

Observe the Laws & Contracts

Marine Team has assumed the responsibility for the operation of the vessels. Ensuring that the vessel’s necessary trading documents by the local and international authorities are up to date. Assisting the Master for the safe cargo operations and for the efficient delivery of cargo in every voyage. Responsible for the timely arrangement of Audits for verification of ship’s compliance with the ISM, ISPS and MLC Regulations. Coordination with the Crewing & Technical Team in providing support for the safe operation of the vessels under the Management. Providing the quality service to the customers which will result to the satisfaction of our shipowners.

Keep the Professional Crew members

“Professional and competent seafarers are the key in every seaworthy vessel and Ship Management”.

The passion and resiliency of our Crewing team with their work greatly built a fulfilling piece of the company’s success. From managing crew turnovers, expenses onboard, as well as conducting optimal dispatching plans. Aside from the assistance of our Marine and Technical team, our accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the help of our two Manning companies based in the Philippines who have been supporting us in providing competent seafarers since then. They are Top Ever Marine Co. Ltd. and PTC Co., Ltd.